Bilan 2023 – Beunz

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Annee de sortie: 2024

Top 23 de 2023 (plus ou moins dans l’ordre):

FangePrivation (Throatruiner Records)
Soft KillMetta World Peace (Cercle Social Records)
ENDThe Sin Of Human Frailty (Closed Casket Activities)
Home FrontGames Of Power (La Vida Es Un Mus)
MSPaintPost-American (Convulse Records)
Pa Vesh EnMartyrs (Iron Bonehead Records)
ChamberA Love To Kill For (Pure Noise Records)
OphanimTämpelskläng (Eisenwald)
AgricultureS/T (The Flenser)
PrieuréLe départ (autoproduction)
TelosDelude (Head Records/Vinyltroll Records…)
DosserViolent Picture / Violent Sound (Really Rad Records)
Bull Of Apis Bull Of BronzeThe Fractal Ouroboros (autoproduction)
Militarie GunLife Under The Gun (Loma Vista Recordings)
PaerishYou’re in both dreams (and you’re scared) (SideOneDummy Records)
Yellow EyesMaster’s Murmur (Sibir Records)
Jesus Piece…So Unknown (Century Media Records)
Kevin AbstractBlanket (RCA Records)
OthielWe Will Be Our Home (Zegema Beach Records)
Easy BlameS/T (The Ghost Is Clear Records)
EyesCongratulation (Indisciplinarian)
A Beacon Schoolyoyo (Grind Select)
Death EngineOcean (Code Records)

2023 en 23 vidéos et/ou morceaux:

Kevin Abstract – Blanket

Fange – A La Racine/Sang-Vinaigre

Knocked Loose – Deep In The Willow/Everything Is Quiet Now

Home Front – Nation

Deluxxe – Waiting For A Sign

Lil Yachty – the ride

Yellow Eyes – The Ritual Is Gone

Promiseland – Bad Days

Phantom Bay – Airtight

Brand Of Sacrifice – Purge

Oddism – Born In Tophet

untitled (halo) – limewire (RIP Swirl Remix)

Deathtrippa – ezy mode

Flycatcher – Rust

Euclid C Finder – Tony Bennett’s Tape Machine Does NOT Like Mathcore

bdrmm – Be Careful


Lana Del Rabies – Prayers Of Consequence

LIES – Camera Chimera

Destroy Boys – Shadow (I’m Breaking Down)(Slowed And Reverbed version)

Brat – Social Grace

Pictureplane – Circles

Nature Morte – The Pier

Concerts 2023

Fluff Fest: Syndrome 81, Doodseskader, Gillian Carter…
Imperial Triumphant
The Ocean
Worst Doubt
World Peace
Blame Kandinsky

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